We are very happy and proud to announce that AuThink lite is available on the Windows Store!

P.S. we will put a desktop app live soon, for free so anyone can use it!

P.P.S. Concerning developers, if anyone is interested in collaborating wth us, we will post all AuThink code as open source also very soon!

AuThink is a system, designed and implemented by four students, with one main goal in mind: to help children with autism! But in order to do so, we were aware that parents and teachers who work with them can also be helped. That is why AuThink was designed bearing them in mind as well.

We hope to help increasing the independence of children with autism in their environment, society in general, and day-to-day life through various specialized and individualized tasks (Applied behavior analysis (ABA)), authored by their teachers and parents. This is why a high level of individualization is crucial, in order to make progress and learning as easy as possible for each child, both in specialized schools and their home.

And last but not least, AuThink aims to achieve these goals in an encouraging and educative environment!

1 million
have autism
1 minutes
on average, every
a new case is diagnosed
4 out of 5 are boys


Children use AuThink in order to solve tasks, designed especially for their needs. They do it in a fun and educational environment using PC or a tablet. They can develop the necessary skills in specialized centers or at home.


AuThink facilitates the way teachers create new tasks and adapt existing ones depending on the needs of each specific child! Teachers are also able to group tasks into specialized tests and assign them to each child.


In order to help their children at home, parents can adapt tasks to suit their child's environment. In doing so, they can be an active part of their child's development.

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